does you fiance knows about your friends here in tumblr?

Yes, actually he knows a lot of my friends here. I talk about them all the time.. :) For example Marloes, Sophie, Julia, Carla, Nath, Ace, Lindsey.. etcetc. He knows about them yes :)

Nov 12 22:07 ( 6 )
  1. the-enchantedforest said: you talk about meeee too with your fiancĂ©????? nnnaaaaaaaaawwwwwwee!!!! OMGOMG :’33 “hi fiancĂ©!!!” *waving* hehe
  2. thequeenofdrama said: we’re famous!!! XD
  3. jonarya said: omg that is so cute !!!!!! I don’t even know him but tell him i say hai !!!!!
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